wholesaler vegan care

Yaviva is the wholesaler of VEGAN care of Human + Kind. The Irish brand offers cosmetics that are hip, beneficial for both the skin and the hair, that look beautiful and yet have the smallest possible impact on the Earth and the environment.

Human + Kind natural care = vegan care = ethical cosmetics

Human + Kind natural care was established in Ireland (Cork) in 2011. The term ‘ethical cosmetics’ is central to this brand: the production of effective cosmetics that can be produced, purchased and used in good conscience.

Natural and pure ingredients ensure that highly effective formulas are created, allowing customers to choose between a balanced line of natural care.

All Human + Kind ingredients are plant-based or vegan. All the products from this brand are therefore suitable for a vegan lifestyle. In addition, the products are multifunctional – you can use one product in many ways. This reduces the number of products required for personal care and  minimizes waste.

A win-win!

Human + Kind in a nutshell

Human + Kind is much more than just a cosmetics producer: Human + Kind strives to make the world a little more beautiful. These are products for happy people and a happy planet.

  • Only the very best natural ingredients (without synthetic additives)
  • Without petrochemicals or parabens
  • The ingredients (100% VEGAN) and products have not been tested on animals
  • The ingredients are obtained from producers who produce in an environmentally friendly way, and a fair price is paid for the ingredients.

Human + Kind natural care wholesaler

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor/wholesaler for Human + Kind in Europe. It is another gem in our already impressive range. As far as we are concerned, everything about this brand is right: the products (wonderful), the appearance (wow!) and the story (sincere!). The result is a top line that consists only of bestsellers.

wholesaler vegan care

Wholesaler vegan care of Human + Kind in Europe

Yaviva is the leading distributor / wholesaler VEGAN care of Human + Kind in Europe. Do you have a salon, webshop or (natural or drugstore) store and do you not have an account yet? Then sign up here. Do you have questions about how Human + Kind can strengthen your concept? 0031 343-755287 / info@yaviva.nl

A selection from the Human + Kind natural VEGAN care collection

Natuurlijke fairtrade kerstpakket
Natuurlijke fairtrade kerstpakket
Human + Kind natuurlijke verzorging groothandel
Human + Kind natuurlijke verzorging groothandel
natuurlijke cadeau verpakking
Human + Kind natuurlijke verzorging groothandel
Human + Kind shower mousse
Human + Kind natuurlijke verzorging groothandel
Human + Kind