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Together with Yaviva, green your retail concept

Today’s consumer is becoming more and more critical. In recent years, many brands and ingredients of regular cosmetics have been the subject of conversation in striking studies that sometimes showed quite shocking results.

Are the ingredients in regular cosmetics actually 100% safe?

Green your retail concept. Many ingredients in regular cosmetics actually turn out to be not so good, and certainly not so safe. Not only do certain additives in regular cosmetics, such as parabens and chemical sunscreens, appear to irritate the skin, but they are even mentioned in the same breath with skin and health hazards. Of course, we realize that scientists have done a tremendous amount of research, and that the results sometimes contradict each other, but the fact alone that research is being done into these ingredients seems to us reason enough to go for a safe(r) choice anyway. That safe choice is natural cosmetics.

What are natural cosmetics anyway? And does that fit into my retail concept?

Unfortunately, the concept of ‘natural’ is a bit vague. In fact, a manufacturer can call a product natural if there is only one natural ingredient in the formula. We find it unacceptable that these kinds of cosmetics are sold as ‘natural ’. Our natural products actually only contain natural ingredients that are not made synthetically in a laboratory. A large part of the ingredients in our products are even organic. Fortunately, the term ‘organic’ is protected. An ingredient may be called organic if it has been grown according to very strict requirements, without fertilizers or other chemical pesticides.

Retail and the consumer today

The ‘green’ trend has now penetrated everywhere. Also in retail. People are more critical and aware and are increasingly aware of how important it is to treat nature with respect. It is therefore not surprising that the demand for eco-products has increased sharply. Today’s consumer wants to eat healthier, but is also aware of the cosmetics she uses on a daily basis. These cosmetics must do what they promise, be pleasant to use and, above all, not cause (or have caused) any damage to people, animals and the environment. Fair trade, free of animal testing and vegan are concepts that play an increasingly important role in the everyday life of your consumer. They want the products they consume to be good, healthy, fair and safe, for people, animals and the environment.

The right knowledge in your company

Have you taken the step to switch to a (partial) range of natural skincare? It’s a great choice that will certainly contribute to the growth of your business today! We are happy to guide you in this process. When you have the right knowledge, you will also be able to share this knowledge with your customer. That means you can perfectly meet the wishes and needs of your consumer.

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