Janssen Cosmetics

Janssen Cosmetics – Since 1990

The success story of Janssen Cosmetics started with a vision. The vision to create skincare products that offer more results than existing products on the cosmetics market. The company’s founder, Walther Janssen, searched for highly effective active ingredients that penetrate the skin and surpass the usual superficial effect of cosmetics. Since 1990, Janssen Cosmetics has been manufacturing products with a deep effect that have an effect down to the lower layers of the skin. The brand is known as a pioneer in the world of cosmeceuticals. This is a term that describes the effective combination of cosmetics and pharmaceutical knowledge.

The brand uses progressive formulas rich in active ingredients, carefully selected from both traditional and exotic sources. These ingredients are combined with the latest technological developments in skin care science. This way, the products are effective, safe and pleasant to use. The brand collaborates with renowned dermatologists and leading research laboratories. Together they create cosmeceuticals that meet the different needs of the skin. The active ingredients in each line are carefully tailored to the specific skin type. In this way they ensure an immediate and long-term improvement of your skin.

Whether you are looking for anti-aging solutions, treatments for specific skin problems or products that improve the overall health and appearance of your skin, Janssen Cosmetics offers a tailor-made solution.

Sustainability and ethics

Janssen Cosmetics strives for beauty and skin health, and is also committed to sustainability and ethical practices. The brand is committed to reducing environmental impact. Furthermore, the brand is committed to ensuring the highest ethical standards in all aspects of their production and development processes. By choosing Janssen Cosmetics, you support a brand that cares about the planet and its future.

Janssen Cosmetics
Janssen Cosmetics
Janssen Cosmetics

Wide range and diversity in treatments

The product range includes more than 200 products. Whether it concerns cosmeceuticals with a deep effect, luxury care of exceptional quality or relaxing wellness rituals: you will always find the right product for your skin.

Quality and skin friendliness are very important. All products bear the quality mark ‘Made in Germany’. All steps of their quality management, such as extracting the raw materials, processing them and filling the bottle, are very carefully controlled and recorded. The latest active ingredient complexes, process techniques and research results are immediately tested and applied in the manufacture of new products.

Janssen Cosmetics

Janssen Cosmetics, global award winner

Janssen Cosmetics has won several awards for its products. Furthermore, the brand was named “Company of the year” in Miami in 2011. In the cosmetics capital Paris they have won the Prix de l’Innovation (innovation prize) for new products 5 times in a row. In 2017, the brand was awarded the coveted Spa Diamond Award in Germany for its premium cosmetics line Platinum Care. Moreover, in 2018 they also received the “German Brand Award” in the “Beauty & Care” category in the “Industry Excellence in Branding” section.

Since 1990, Janssen Cosmetics has been serving beauty with passion. They bring this closer to people in more than 80 countries!

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