Wholesale hair care without sulphates or silicones

Wholesale haircare without sulphates or silicones… more and more people are asking themselves what is actually in their shampoo. There are many stories about parabens, sulphates and silicones in haircare, and many people have heard that these additives are ‘bad’ but actually have no idea why. Why should you choose haircare without sulphates or silicones?

What are sulphates?

Sulphates are surface-active substances that foam a product and also have a cleaning effect. So you will find them in products that have a cleansing function, such as shower gels, cleansers for the face, toothpaste and shampoo.

Why would you use haircare without sulphates?

If sulphates have a cleansing effect, isn’t it a good thing they’re in shampoo? Right! Sulphates degrease the hair but make no distinction between the fats you want to lose and the fats your scalp needs for protection. Systematic washing with shampoos containing sulphates can therefore dry out and even irritate the scalp. So only buy wholesale haircare without sulphates or silicones.

Wholesale hair care without sulphates

What are silicones?

Silicones are chemical additives that are often used in cosmetics. Silicones have all kinds of functions. For example, they work as solvents, they ensure that a texture slides more pleasantly over the skin, they make a product spread more easily, they fill up uneven places in the skin, and they form a protective barrier on the skin. In haircare, silicone forms a layer on the hair, making it look smoother and less frizzy.

Why would you use haircare without silicone?

The point with silicones is that they have a temporary function. The hair feels smooth and soft because of those silicones, but in fact silicones do not care for the hair. Silicones do not contain nutrients, vitamins or minerals and therefore do nothing for the care of the hair in the long term. Many people also experience a build-up in the hair with silicone. Certain forms of silicone are very difficult to wash out of the hair and therefore accumulate, making the hair unnecessarily greasy and heavy.

Haircare without sulphates or silicones

It should be clear that haircare to which sulphates and silicones have been added ultimately do not do much good for the condition of the hair in the long term. It is therefore logical that consumers are increasingly consciously choosing haircare without sulphates or silicones. With truly natural haircare , you don’t have to worry about either of these additives. They are synthetic additives that you will not find in natural cosmetics.

Yaviva is the wholesale of hair care without sulphates or silicones

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