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Yaviva is the leading wholesaler of natural and organic cosmetics

The consumer today is increasing sure of she wants and especially what she does not want when it comes to caring for her skin. She is becoming more critical, delving more deeply into ingredients, their origin and the philosophy of a given brand. The ‘green consumer’ finds it important that the products she uses are not only wonderful but, above all, fair. Fair to the people who supply the ingredients, develop the packaging, but of course also fair to the Earth, the environment and animals. People, animals and the environment must be treated with respect for the development of products.

The premier wholesaler of natural and organic cosmetics

In other words, the consumer today wants green cosmetics. Do you? ECO cosmetics with natural and organic ingredients. This environmentally conscious trend is clearly noticeable: more and more brands, but also shops and companies, are responding to the wishes and needs of the customer. We, as distributors and wholesalers of natural and organic cosmetics, are also responding to this demand. In recent years, we have studied the wishes of the consumer, and we are able to cater to the consumer, with natural and animal-free cosmetics for the whole family.

Our broad range of natural cosmetics

The market is big. Nevertheless, we are extremely strict in selecting our brands. As a distributor in natural cosmetics, we currently carry 25 brands. We are then talking about more than 1000 products. Fair products with natural and organic ingredients to pamper yourself from head to toe; from eco-facial care to natural shampoos enriched with organic ingredients and from natural makeup to safe sun-protection cosmetics with mineral filters. Our range is quite big, and we guarantee that every product meets our standards. Our products work, do what they promise, contain only good, safe and fair ingredients, and are of course completely free of synthetic additives. All these natural cosmetics come from companies, farmers and growers who also treat people and the environment fairly.

All our cosmetics are free of animal testing, and many are also vegan

It goes without saying that all our certified organic products must be free of animal testing. We believe that no animal should suffer for our welfare. In addition, some of our brands are also vegan. Many people value fair trade. Everyone who plays a role in the production process must be able to earn an honest living, and we guarantee that this is the case with all our ECO brands.

A complete range for retail and e-tail

Shopping for your store, webshop, salon or company in one place, one wholesaler of natural and organic cosmetics? That’s possible with Yaviva. Our broad range of natural cosmetics makes this possible for your company. We understand that you as an entrepreneur know very well what you are looking for and what your customers want. Together, we are happy to look at which brands fit within your range. We offer a supporting role in the choices you make for your company, but of course without taking over your role. It’s your company, and you make the choices. You decide for yourself what you think is good for your customers. With us, you do not have to deal with minimum order values or mandatory purchases of a total range.

Natural solutions for skin problems

Many people today suffer from sensitive skin, or they have chronic problems with their skin. That is quite troubling, because not only can sensitive skin be painful, people may also experience great inconvenience in many other areas. These consumers also receive the attention they deserve from us. As an eco-skincare distributor, we believe in natural solutions for all types of skin problems. Examples are natural solutions for acne, dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks and cellulite. We do not claim to have miracle remedies, but we are convinced by our many years of experience and knowledge that natural cosmetics play a highly important role in improving, healing and repairing sensitive, damaged or even sick skin. Because perfume can also be a source of irritation for many people, we also have a selection of perfume-free cosmetics.

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