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Yaviva has taken over the distribution of the English brand Neal’s Yard Remedies. Founded in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies is a modern apothecary brand of award-winning natural and organic beauty products. The brand started with a shop in a small corner in Covent Garden, but has now grown far beyond the country’s borders. Their vision: “outer beauty and inner health should be in perfect balance” and they try to put that in every product.

The highest possible percentage of organic ingredients

Neal’s Yard uses the highest possible percentage of organic ingredients because they are kinder to the earth – and kinder to you. Using ethically sourced herbs, botanicals and essential oils, their experts create potent blends of love, science and nature.

As passionate advocates of organic living, Neal’s Yard Remedies want to help people live happier, healthier lives and protect our beautiful planet. From becoming the UK’s first certified organic health and beauty brand, to helping eradicate plastic microbeads, Neal’s Yard Remedies is a truly groundbreaking brand.

They produce their products with love, selecting the finest herbs, botanicals and essential oils and then maximizing their therapeutic benefits at the Neal’s Yard eco-factory in Dorset, England. And they work with organic palmarosa from Uganda, chiuri butter from Nepal, organic (fair trade) honey from Mexico and they have even more places where the ingredients are ethically produced and in good cooperation with the local communities.

Blue bottles for a greener world

Neal’s Yard Remedies mainly uses blue bottles. Why? They believe they look great. In addition, the blue pigment protects against sunlight and helps to protect and preserve the precious natural ingredients inside. But not only that: When you’re done with your blue bottles, why not get creative and upcycle them in your home? From candle holders, to vases or maybe a more adventurous project. The blue bottles are beautiful accessories to be used at home!

Distributeur This Works

Distributor and wholesaler of Neal’s Yard Remedies in the Netherlands and Belgium? Yaviva!

Yaviva is the distributor and wholesaler when it comes to 100% natural skin care, hair care and make-up. And is now expanding again with a brand that fits completely into our philosophy.

Are you curious about the conditions and purchase prices and are you not yet a (regular) customer? Register here now and after approval you have access to images, stocks and of course the prices. Yaviva is the exclusive distributor / wholesaler of Neal’s Yard Remedies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

A selection from the Neal’s Yard Remedies collection

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