Wholesale organic baby care: Alphanova BABY

– Packed with natural ingredients, especially organic ingredients (at least 99%)

– ECOCERT organic certified

– Super soft, no use of sodium laureth sulphate or soap

– Only vegetable and vegan ingredients, guaranteed GMO

– 100% free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, triclosan and formaldehyde

– No artificial colours, no animal ingredients

– Without essential oils and allergens

– Without phthalates, without nitro and polycyclic musk compounds

Alphanova BABY: the leading affordable ECO care for your baby!

ALPHANOVA® BABY: AFFORDABLE(!) very mild care for your baby, suitable for the most sensitive baby skin. Friendly for your baby, nature and the environment!

All products contain the following organically grown ingredients:

  • Organic sweet almond oil for proven hydrating and soothing effect
  • Organic chamomile for the soothing and softening effect
  • Organic lily for soothing and anti-bacterial properties

ALPHANOVA® BABY stands for clarity and honesty about the ingredients:

  • The percentage of natural ingredients is always greater than 99%
  • The origin of ingredients is always stated (natural or organic)
  • Alphanova Baby products and ingredients have not been tested on animals
  • All products are packed in recyclable packaging

All products are particularly AFFORDABLE.

wholesale distributor organic skincare baby


The formulae of Alphanova Baby is of natural origin. It uses in particular natural components (99 % of the formula at least) and are certified organic by ECOCERT. All the products are soft and without soap nor Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS). All our baby-care products are VEGAN which are guaranteed without GMO(GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM), without parabens, without phenoxyethanol, without triclosan, without formaldehyde, without colouring agents, without animal-derived components, without essential oil and without allergens, without phtalates, without nitrated musk and polycycliques.

Alphanova baby vegan Ingredients

The organic sweet almond oil for its moisturizing and soothing virtues. The organic camomile for its soothing properties. Theorganic water lily for its soothing and antibacterial characteristics.

Every product of ALPHANOVA Bébé ® indicates clearly the exact percentage of natural ingredients always upper to 99 %, the exact percentage of organic ingredients which can go to 100 % of the plant ingredients, as well as the origin of every ingredient (natural or organic). Furthermore, our products and their components are not tested on animals and are presented in recyclable packagings. Alphanova BABY does not use any substance, or products which can irritate or engender cutaneous reactions.

Wholsale organic baby care: NATURAL AND ORGANIC

Products certified by ECOCERT. All our products are natural and we try everyday to maximize the organic part in each of them. Alphanova BABY respects the environment by using a maximum of organic products and recyclable packagings.

Wholesale organic baby care Alphanova BEBE

We are proud to be the distributor/wholesaler for for Alphanova BABY. It is another gem in our already impressive range. Are you interested to sell this beautiful brand? Don’t have an account? Then make one here . Do you have any questions? info@yaviva.nl or call us: 0031 343-755287 (8:30 – 11:00 AM).

Groothandel Alphanova Baby

The collection of Alphanova BABY

Groothandel Alphanova Biologische baby verzorging
Groothandel Alphanova Biologische baby verzorging
Groothandel Alphanova Biologische baby verzorging
Groothandel Alphanova Biologische baby verzorging
Groothandel Alphanova Biologische baby verzorging
Groothandel Alphanova Biologische baby verzorging
Groothandel Alphanova Biologische baby verzorging