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Groothandel distributeur Alphanova Sun

Alphanova SUN

Probably the best natural sunscreen on the market. products for adults, kids & baby’s

wholesale organic Zero waste zero water cosmetics

Alphanova SOLIDE

Zero waste, zero water, natural solid cosmetics.

Groothandel distributeur Alphanova Baby

Alphanova Baby

Affordable. Soft. Organic certified and a wonderful scent! The ECO alternative to the more famous baby brands.

Groothandel distributeur Alphanova Baby

Alphanova Kids

Affordable. Soft. Organic certified. A princess line and a unique (preventive) anti-louse line.

Wholesale distributor Balm Balm natural organic balms

Balm Balm

Affordable natural and rich skin care line (Balms) without water

European distributor wholesale Benecos natural makeup


ECO Make-up and care with by far the best price / quality ratio in Europe

Groothandel Boho cosmetics

Boho Cosmetics

Trendy and colorful natural make-up. Pure, natural, Boho style! Very good price-quality ratio. (Almost) No plastic.

Distributor wholesaler Glossworks natural nail polish 10 free


The best natural nail polish on the market. Glossworks natural nail polish. 9-FREE Gel look. Line includes natural nail polish remover and several nail care products

wholesale distributor VEGAN cosmetics Human + Kind

Human + Kind

Human + Kind natural VEGAN care. Trendy ‘ethical’ cosmetics.

Wholesale distributor Joik Organic skincare

Joik Organic

Beautiful cosmetics – affordable, natural ECO luxury!

distributor wholesale Home & Spa products Joik

Joik Home & Spa

Such great scents! Natural VEGAN soy wax candles, diffusers & more – turn your bathroom into a spa.

Wholesale distributor French organic cosmetics La fare

La fare 1789

French ECO cosmetics with ingredients from the French landscape. Beautiful products beautifully designed. Very successful in retail

Wholesale distributor VEGAN shampoo Marley's Amsterdam

Marley’s Amsterdam

The perfect natural VEGAN shampoo … without water. You add water at home. Why ship water if you can add it at home?

Distributor wholesale Miracles by Stella organic skincare

Miracles by Stella

“Don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat.” 100% Pure & Vegan skincare … from Holland with love.

Wholesale distributor Vichy Montbrun natural cosmetics

Montbrun eau thermale

Natural skin care based on medicinal thermal water. A nice compact and effective line. Retail and salon worthy.

Distributor wholesale the best original Aleppo soap

Najel Aleppo olive soaps

100% natural (liquid) olive-based soaps. The original ancient soaps! The original Aleppo soaps

Wholesale distributor Neal's Yard Remedies organic skincare

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Founded in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies is a modern apothecary brand of award-winning natural and organic beauty products.

Wholesale distributor bamboo toothbrushes and organic toothpaste no fluor


The best bamboo toothbrushes. Natural, beautiful, 100% biodegradable. You’ll lover the range organic toothpastes, with and without fluor. 

Groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica

Oliv’ Bio

It comes from France, gets the best out of olive and olive leaf and adds some very beautiful and luxurious ingredients. Hip, delicious and effective skincare

Groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica

Ooh! (Oils of Heaven)

Brilliant range of oil serums with a clear story and a clear look. Simple, ECO, stylish and effective!

Wholesale distributor organic aloe vera based skincare from rainbow


Very AFFORDABLE skin care based on aloe vera (without water!)

groothandel santaverde


Natural skincare without water! Instead of water, Santaverde uses pure organically home-grown aloe vera as a base.

Wholesale distributor natural henna hair dye Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil

Finally! The most natural hair dye that really does cover grey hair.

Wholesale distributor This Works

This Works

Insomnia is a thing of the past and relaxation is stimulated thanks to This Works.

Groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica Uoga Uoga

Uoga Uoga

Handmade fresh make-up based on minerals and fruit! Eco certified and affordable.

wholesale distributor natural perfume Walden

Walden Natural Perfume

The delicious and natural real alternative to the mass-produced synthetic scents

Wholesale distributor We Love the Planet natural deodorant , diffusers and soy wax candles

We Love the Planet

Trendy 100% natural deodorant and more … Probably the most effective natural deodorant on the market.

Groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica Yverum


Eco Chic. Yverum Hyaluron products for proven hydration and fading of fine lines

Groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica

Een nieuw merk

Do you know a must have brand we don’t carry yet? ? info@yaviva.nl / +31 343-755287

Groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica

Een nieuw merk

Do you know a must have brand we don’t carry yet? ? info@yaviva.nl / +31 343-755287

Groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica

Een nieuw merk

Do you know a must have brand we don’t carry yet? ? info@yaviva.nl / +31 343-755287

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