Wholesale natural makeup for beauty salons

Yaviva has no fewer than three organic makeup brands in its range. These natural makeup brands are highly suitable for a salon. Which brand you choose best depends on your concept, the stories you already tell and the target group you serve. Our makeup has been carefully chosen so that there is an ‘ideal’ organic certified makeup brand for every salon.

Wholesale natural makeup for salons: Benecos

Consider the Benecos brand. Benecos is the most affordable organic certified makeup brand in Europe. Benecos is a hip, natural makeup brand and has a very extensive range including a number of salon displays. These salon displays are compact and include the testers and sales stock of the bestsellers.

Benecos is very suitable for salons looking for a natural makeup brand that you can easily sell ‘on the side’. Don’t be mistaken about the quality because, despite the price, the products are very beautifully pigmented. By far the majority of products have a recommended retail price of less than ten euros.

Yaviva is the exclusive distributor/wholesaler of Benecos natural makeup.

Wholesale natural makeup

De Bencos bestsellers!

Wholesale natural makeup

The ‘green’  display of Boho

Wholesale natural makeup for salons: Boho Green Makeup

Boho natural makeup is also certified organic, is slightly more expensive than Benecos but still very affordable. The story behind Boho is colour and attention to detail. Boho natural makeup is Europe’s most colourful organic makeup brand. And Boho goes a step further and a step greener. Boho is the only makeup brand that does not use plastic packaging. Everyone is against the problem we call ‘plastic soup’, but only a few companies are doing anything about it. Boho makes all its packaging from recycled cardboard. This creates a beautiful appearance that is also good for the planet.

The pigmentation is especially good, the assortment is extensive, and the wooden displays are great in every salon. This is the premier brand if you want to combine green, hip and quality in one product. The average price of a Boho product is around 10 to 11 euros.

Yaviva is the exclusive distributor/wholesaler of Boho natural makeup

Wholesale natural makeup for salons: Uoga Uoga

Fresh, handmade makeup based on minerals and fruit pigments! As the third natural mineral makeup brand, we have Uoga Uoga. Uoga Uoga means ‘berry berry’ or ‘fruit fruit’ in Lithuanian. The name is of course a reference to the pigments in this über-clean natural makeup that are made from fruit.

This organic makeup is also certified and very suitable for salons that do not want to make any concessions on greening and quality. In addition, Uoga Uoga has its own chic appearance due to the style of the display and the beautiful individual packaging.

Uoga Uoga natural makeup: “When developing makeup products, we only choose natural and unrefined ingredients: natural oil, clay, water, flowers, honey and herbs that are soft and effective and nourish the skin. Our mineral makeup line is made of natural minerals and enriched with the ‘Baltic gold’, amber.

The most beautiful, cleanest and most natural makeup brand in Europe. The average price of a product is around 13 to 14 euros, except for the foundation powders – due to the high percentage of amber (=healing), the recommended price of these powders is around 28 euros.

Yaviva is the exclusive distributor/wholesaler of Uoga Uoga natural makeup

Distributor Wholesale natural makeup
Wholesale natural makeup

De stijlvolle display van Uoga Uoga