wholesale natural oral care

Wholesale natural oral care Nordics

Conscious living. More and more consumers are concerned with this, and it is therefore not surprising that more and more brands are responding to the issue of responsible living and consumption.

Nordics’ philosophy

Contributing to a better world doesn’t have to be that hard at all, and everyone can do it. That is actually the idea behind the Nordics brand. They came up with some beautiful products that contribute to a better world: for example, they have biodegradable toothbrushes, degradable cotton and bamboo swabs, reusable bamboo straws with cleaning brush and vegan floss thread made from corn starch. Cheap products, accessible to everyone and natural stuff you use regularly. Imagine the positive impact if everyone replaced their plastic toothbrush, straws and floss thread with a biodegradable version.

BPA-free nylon and moso bamboo

The Nordics bamboo toothbrush is completely biodegradable. The stem is made of moso bamboo. This is the only species that pandas do not eat, and moreover, this species grows very quickly. There is no chance of exhausting the resource. Nordics has opted for BPA-free nylon fibres. No part of the toothbrush contains plastic (particles). Recycled cardboard is even used for the packaging.

100% natural VEGAN toothpastes with fluoride for a wonderfully fresh taste

The Nordics Lemon and Pomegranate toothpastes have been developed with the idea that more and more people are aware of their cosmetic products and their effect on their health. This natural toothpaste also contains no sugar, parabens, preservatives, SLS, PEG or titanium dioxide.

What this toothpaste does contain:

Xylitol: this works as a natural sweetener and stimulates saliva secretion.
Sodium bicarbonate: neutralizes the pH value in the mouth and helps whiten the teeth in a natural way.
Potassium chloride and trisodium citrate: play a supporting role in reducing tooth sensitivity.

wholesale natural oral care
wholesale natural oral care
wholesale natural oral care

Brush quality of Nordics Bamboo toothbrushes

No consumer wants to make concessions. When brushing with a Nordics toothbrush, you are guaranteed the same perfect brushing result as with a ‘regular’ toothbrush. During the production process, the bamboo is exposed to very high temperatures, so that bacteria do not stand a chance. Nordics has deliberately opted for soft nylon fibres. This is much better for the gums and teeth than ‘hard’ fibres.

Nordics’ range

Nordics has bamboo toothbrushes in different colours in its range. That’s nice, because it means family members can tell their brushes apart. The brand also has smaller versions for children. Nordics has developed a special porcelain holder and travel case to store the toothbrushes. And that’s hygienic, of course. NEW from Nordics: toothpaste without fluoride with coconut and the whitening toothpaste without fluoride with matcha and charcoal!

In addition to toothbrushes, Nordics also carries biodegradable cotton and bamboo swabs. The well-known picture of the seahorse clinging to a cotton swab in the sea may soon be a thing of the past: these cotton swabs are completely degradable and therefore pose no danger to the environment.

Another great product from Nordics are the bamboo straws, which are reusable and vegan. You get a cleaning brush, so keeping them clean is no problem.

Whitening effect toothbrush

White teeth are high on the wish list for many consumers but then in a safe way. Nordics also responds to that demand with their black toothbrush. This special brush has been treated with charcoal so that brushing with it creates a subtle whitening effect of the teeth. The charcoal used is the special Binchotane charcoal, which has been successfully used in Asia for generations. Yaviva is the go to wholesale natural oral care. Not a customer yet? Make an account here

Wholesale natural oral care and toothbrushes of Nordics

With a ‘green‘ retail concept, Nordics deserves a prominent place for its bamboo toothbrushes and natural (whitening) toothpastes! Would you like to know more about what Yaviva and Nordics can do for your concept? Yaviva is European distributor/wholesaler for Nordic’s natural oral care products. Don’t have an account? Then make one here. Do you have any questions?info@yaviva.nl or call us: 0343-755287

groothandel nordics bamboo tandenborstels

A selection from the Nordics collection

Distributeur Nordics bamboe rietjes, kindertandpasta en plasticvrije wattenstaafjes
Distributeur groothandel Nordics tandpasta met fluoride
Distributeur groothandel Nordics tandpasta met fluoride
Distributeur Nordics bamboe rietjes, kindertandpasta en plasticvrije wattenstaafjes
Distributeur Nordics bamboe rietjes, kindertandpasta en plasticvrije wattenstaafjes
Distributeur Nordics bamboe rietjes, kindertandpasta en plasticvrije wattenstaafjes