Wholesale organic sunscreen Yaviva presents …. Alphanova SUN! An extensive sun line with products for adults, children, babies, with extra attention for extremely sensitive skin and a sunscreen with a complexion.

Wholesale organic sunscreen
Distributor organic sunscreen
groothandel minerale zonnebrand
groothandel minerale zonnebrand
Wholesale organic sunscreen

NEW for 2021! Organic sunscreen especially for hypersensitive skin
(for sun allergy/sun rash)

New from the wholesale organic sunscreen: organic sunscreen with mineral filters especially for allergic skin. Ideal for sun allergy and sun rash.
This sunscreen has of course been dermatologically tested. Organic, super-nourishing, moisturizing and intensely protective sunscreen cream for the face, enriched with 100% mineral filters. The formula gives the skin a beautiful complexion, so this sunscreen cream is 100% FREE OF WHITE HAZE.

Intensively protective natural sunscreen cream with a subtle shade and SPF50, especially for the face. This cream has been developed for adults with highly sensitive skin and for people who want a safe, high SPF. Enjoy the sun carefree, responsibly and perfectly protected with Alphanova sun thanks to the 100% natural (mineral) filters.

  • Unlike a chemical filter, a mineral filter provides immediate protection and is not harmful to the environment.
Wholesale organic sunscreen

Alphanova SUN: mineral filter without zinc oxide

Alphanova mineral sun filters consist only of titanium dioxide. No zinc oxide. In the past, you needed both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Strange but true, zinc dries out the skin enormously – just think of the effect of the famous zinc ointment. And drying in combination with sun is not what you are looking for in a sunscreen. This is the main reason to use a mineral filter without zinc oxide, but there is more: questions have arisen about the dangers of zinc oxide. In some Scandinavian countries, the use of zinc oxide is even prohibited. Alphanova SUN has developed a new formula without zinc oxide but with the full, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection you can expect from a TOP brand of sunscreen.

Probably the best brand of sunscreen available!

Alphanova SUN in a nutshell

Natural sunscreen without white haze
Natural sunscreen without nanoparticles
The filters in the sun creams work directly
Famous for: being the first and only manufacturer of a baby line (0-3yrs)
Probably the best sun brand
A full-fledged sun line (BABY, kids, multiple SPFs, after-sun)

groothandel biologische zonnebrand
distributeur natuurlijke zonnebrand

Organic mineral sunscreen Alphanova SUN

Wholesale Alphanova SUN. Taking care of yourself, your environment, the Earth, and still safely enjoying the sun? Is that possible? Yes, of course! Alphanova SUN has the best answer to this question.

Alphanova Sun products meet ALL the standards regarding safe sun products against UVA and UVB rays from the sun. In fact, they go beyond these standards. Alphanova is currently the only ECO-certified brand that has launched a sunscreen line for babies (0-3 years).

  • 100% natural formulas without white haze
  • Extremely high percentages of nourishing Aloe Vera
  • An adult sunscreen line with SPF 15/30/50/50+
  • Safe for the ocean and reef
  • 100% mineral filters
  • Immediate protection after application
  • Without nanoparticles
  • Without parabens and phenoxyethanol
  • Protects against an extremely broad spectrum of UVA and UVB
  • Ecocert Organic certified Aloe Vera and Tamanu oils, among others
  • 100% Made in France
  • Easy to apply (without white haze)
  • Waterproof

The Alphanova lines:

Adults: sunscreen sprays SPF 15, SPF 30 and a cream SPF 50+, a tinted cream SPF 50+ and a roll-on SPF 50+ ultra-waterproof for athletes – Monoi scent
Children (from 3 years): sunscreen spray SPF 30 and a sunscreen spray SPF 50 in vanilla and apricot scent
Babies (up to 3 years): a sunscreen spray SPF 50 and a sunscreen milk SPF 50+ – without perfume

No white haze and no nanoparticles. Only the very best care protection. Available from Yaviva: exclusive wholesaler of Alphanova SUN

Sun filters…but natural ones

Regular sun filters are also called chemical filters. These filters are absorbed by the skin and only take effect after half an hour. The UV radiation penetrates the skin and is converted by these chemical filters. Some people are less able to cope with this, and the result is an allergic reaction. What affects (and concerns) everyone is that these chemical filters are partly responsible for the destruction of coral reefs. In some regions, it is even forbidden to use chemical sun filters.

That’s why it’s so nice that Alphanova SUN uses a mineral filter, which protects directly and is good for the environment. Of course available here at Yaviva, wholesale organic sunscreen.

Biosolis minerale filter werking

Wholesale distributor of natural sunscreen from Alphanova SUN

Wholesale organic sunscreen. Yaviva is the premier distributor for 100% natural skincare, haircare and makeup. In addition, Yaviva is of course the distributor of a wide range of natural sunscreen products. With the arrival of Alphanova SUN mineral sunscreen, we have once again managed to bring in a pearl.

Click here for all the natural sunscreen products from Alphanova SUN! Unable to log in? Register here now, and, after approval, you will have access to images, stock and of course the prices of all our brands. Yaviva is the premier wholesale distributor of natural sunscreen from Alphanova SUN.

A selection from the Alphanova SUN collection

groothandel minerale zonnebrand
groothandel minerale zonnebrand
groothandel minerale zonnebrand
groothandel minerale zonnebrand
groothandel minerale zonnebrand
Groothandel minerale zonnebrand Alphanova Sun
ECO zonnebrand met een kleurtje
ECO zonnebrand met een kleurtje
inkopen natuurlijke zonnebrand Alphanova Sun
inkopen natuurlijke zonnebrand Alphanova Sun
inkopen natuurlijke zonnebrand Alphanova Sun
getinte minerale zonnebrand
distributeur natuurlijke zonnebrand Alphanova Sun
minerale zonnebrand zakelijk inkopen
waar inkopen natuurlijke zonnebrand
biologische zonnebrand Alphanova Sun
biologische zonnebrand Alphanova Sun
minerale zonnebrand zakelijk
minerale zonnebrand zakelijk
minerale zonnebrand zakelijk
inkopen natuurlijke zonnebrand
waar inkopen natuurlijke zonnebrand