Wholesale Alphanova Solide – Zero waste Solid cosmetics. 0% water, 0% water, 100% natural, and what a nice collection of solid cosmetics

Groothandel Alphanova Solide - Zero waste Solid cosmetics

Alphanova Solide – Zero waste solid cosmetics

Alphanova Solide responds to a trend that you see a lot these days: 100% natural, 100% VEGAN, 100% animal testing free, 0% plastic, 0% water and all products in solid form. This saves water and with the latter also transport costs. A win-win on all sides! Click here to shop Alphanova Solide directly

It is a very nice line with the following products:

ALPHANOVA SOLIDE Shampoo block for all hair types 75 gr.
ALPHANOVA SOLIDE Exfoliating scrub block 75 gr.
ALPHANOVA SOLIDE Facial cleansing in block form 75 gr.
ALPHANOVA SOLID Toothpaste Tablets – 60 Pieces
ALPHANOVA SOLID Toothpaste Tablets – 120 Pieces
ALPHANOVA SOLIDE Gift box with four products for sensitive skin
ALPHANOVA SOLIDE Gift box with four products for dry skin
Display for ALPHANOVA SOLID soap and shampoo blocks – empty

Wholesale shampoo bars en solid cosmetics
distributeur groothandel natuurlijke en biologische shampoo bars

Zero waste cosmetics by Alphanova Solide

The solid products for your daily care are made according to a concentrated formula, which makes the products much more efficient; you need less of it. The packaging is made from recycled paper and your products last down to the last molecule; you no longer have to deal with tubes in which residues are left behind, or pump bottles that cannot reach the last drops of product. So no waste!

Alphanova Solide chooses sodium cocosulfate as the foaming agent. This sulfate does not irritate, does not contain toxic elements like sodium cocoyl isethionate does and is certified organic (Ecocert). So you have both the care for your skin and the environment, and foam in your soap and shampoo! In short, 100% SLS-free.

Wholesaler Alphanova Solide can be reached at 0343-755287 …. if you have any questions …

Why are Alphanova Solide zero waste solid cosmetics so great?

Read below why we, as a wholesaler of Alphanova Solide, a huge fan of the products of Alphanova Solide … what is your favorite reason?

1. Zero waste solid cosmetics

Fortunately, we are becoming more aware. We just don’t have planet-B. Environmentally friendly cosmetics are increasingly needed and fortunately more and more in demand and Alphanova Solide is taking advantage of this rapidly increasing demand. No plastic is used in the packaging or in the products. Because, everyone knows… plastic soup is Uhhggg!

2. Take Solid cosmetics with you on a trip

Cosmetic bars do not leak, they are small (much smaller than a comparable shampoo or cleanser). In short, the ideal travel partner for world travelers. Incidentally, a solid shampoo bar also fits easily in your sports bag too.

3. Alphanova Solid is 100% natural

We leave out the water, and of course the pastic too, what remains is a bar with purely natural and active ingredients. All products are certified organic – so Alphanova Solide goes one step further compared to most ‘natural’ solid bar manufacturers. Typical Alphanova 🙂

4. Alphanova Solid Bars last much longer

Shampoo bars, solid scrub and the solid cleansers last up to 70 washes, which is equivalent to about 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo, scrub or cleanser. Of course this depends on usage. The fact remains that it is much more economical 🙂

5. Alphanova’s Solids are effective and hypoallergenic!

All products are made without allergens, are certified organic and are packed with active ingredients. Alphanova is one of the largest manufacturers of organically certified cosmetics in Europe … so the combination of scale and beautiful active ingredients results in wonderfully effective products that are affordable and good for the environment and also work very well. Win – win – win.

Distributeur groothandel zero waste cosmetics zero water
Alphanova Solide groothandel

Wholesale distributor Alphanova Solid zero waste zero water cosmetics

Yaviva is the distributor / wholesaler of Alphanova Solide. Here you will find an overview of all our 30+ ECO cosmetic brands. Do you have a webshop, salon or (natural or drugstore) store and don’t have an account yet? Then sign up here. Do you have questions about how Alphanova Solide can strengthen and/or make your concept greener? 0031 343-755287 / info@yaviva.nl

Some examples from the Alphanova Solide collection

Groothandel Alphanova Solide
Groothandel zero water cadeaupakketten
Groothandel zero waste cadeaupekketten
Groothandel solid cosmetics
Groothandel distributeur zero waste cosmetics
Groothandel distributeur zero water cosmetics
Groothandel distributeur cleansing bar
Groothandel Alphanova Solide