wholesale distributor natural nail polish Glossworks

Distributor natural nail polish: Glossworks. More and more women are looking for ‘better nail polish’: nail polish that contains fewer harmful additives but does not compromise on quality. Glossworks is the brand for the trendy woman who opts for a, healthy way of life and who is looking for a beautiful and very accessible colour palette for her nails.

Glossworks natural nail polish is 9-FREE!

The term 9-FREE means that Glossworks’ nail polish does not contain parabens, lead, toluene, DBP, resin, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene or ethyl tosylamide. The brand is not tested on animals and also fits within a vegan lifestyle. Especially suitable for (among others) children and pregnant women.

Glossworks nail polish remover without acetone

Usually, a manicure or pedicure begins with the removal of old nail polish. A nail polish remover often contains acetone. Acetone works as a solvent but can dry out the nail quite a bit. Glossworks nail polish remover is free of acetone. To keep the nails beautiful and healthy, argan oil has been added to the formula.

Glossworks natural nail polish colour palette

Glossworks has at dozens of hip colours in the collection at any time. These are perfectly wearable colours ranging from nude to soft pink and from coral to classic red.

Glossworks natural nail care

In addition to the 9-FREE nail polishes and the acetone-free nail polish remover, the brand has developed a basecoat, a fast-drying topcoat and a special 3-in-1 product for the nails. The latter can be used as a basecoat or as a topcoat but also as a nail hardener. Dry cuticles can be treated from time to time with the Glossworks cuticle oil, which is enriched with avocado oil.

Distributor wholesale natural nail polish

Distributor and wholesaler natural nail polish of Europe? Yaviva!

Yaviva is the premier distributor for 100% natural skincare, haircare and makeup. But with the arrival of Glossworks (and Boho), Yaviva is now also the distributor natural nail polishes.

Are you curious about the conditions and purchase prices, and are you not yet a (regular) customer? Register here now, and, after approval, you will have access to images, stocks and of course the prices of all our brands. Yaviva is the exclusive distributor/wholesaler natural nailpolish of Glossworks in Europe.

A selection from the Glossworks collection

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Distributeur natuurlijke nagellak
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Groothandel biologische nagellak
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