Wholesale vegan cosmetics and makeup

Wholesale vegan cosmetics and makeup. Awareness is going to play an increasingly important role in people’s lives. Awareness of what they eat and what they put on their skin, for example. This mainly has to do with the question of where such products and ingredients actually come from. Whereas the concept of vegetarian used to be a bit unusual, more and more people these days are going for a vegan way of life. That’s a big step forward, and it is becoming more and more common. It is smart to respond to this as a company by talking to a wholesaler of vegan cosmetics.

What is a vegan lifestyle?

A vegan does not eat animal products or products derived from animals and does not use anything derived from animals in everyday life. They thus refrain altogether from animal products and products with additives of animal origin. For example, a vegan will not wear leather or silk. It should be clear that vegans only use cosmetics free of animal testing, but they also do not use products that contain animal ingredients.

Wholesale vegan cosmetics and makeup

Which animal ingredients can be found in cosmetics and makeup?

There are quite a few of them. Ingredients that are clearly derived from animals are, for example, lanolin, honey and beeswax, and, less obviously, retinol, collagen, elastin, keratin and hyaluronic acid. All these additives can thus be derived from animals.

What are alternatives to animal ingredients?

Vegan cosmetics and makeup represent a growing trend. A vegan absolutely does not have to settle for ‘lesser’ products, because perfectly sufficient alternatives can be found for the above ingredients. Collagen in natural products, for example, can be replaced with vegetable oils. In natural cosmetics, hyaluronic acid is often extracted from the myrrh tree, yielding vegetable hyaluronic acid. An alternative to retinol is, for example, carotene from carrots.

Why go for vegan cosmetics and makeup?

Choosing a (partly) vegan assortment in your concept is a particularly clever move in today’s society. You show your consumer that you are responsible, that you care about the world in which we live. By including vegan cosmetics in your range, you will naturally reach an even larger group of consumers.

Yaviva: wholesale vegan cosmetics and makeup

At Yaviva, you will find an extensive selection of vegan brands and vegan cosmetics and makeup. For example, we have brands that are completely vegan, but we also carry brands that have some vegan products in their range. It goes without saying that all our brands and products must be completely free of animal testing. That makes Yaviva the premier wholesaler of vegan cosmetics and makeup.