Yaviva groothandel distributeur eco natuurlijk cosmetica

Yaviva. Wholesale natural cosmetics, ECO skincare and organic makeup

Clean, green, effective and good. We don’t settle for less.

Yaviva is a wholesaler/distributor of natural and organic cosmetics. But one who thinks and works a little differently.

Yaviva won’t try to take over your role. We believe that you as an entrepreneur know very well what you want and that we have a supporting role in that. We therefore have no minimum order values, no mandatory purchase of entire (makeup) lines or other obligations. Of course we give advice… but it is up to you to make the decisions. Yaviva has the products and advice; you, the entrepreneur, have the customers and the success!

Cosmetics. Organic, perfume-free, vegan, effective, natural etc. etc.

Nearly all our 1000+ products are ECO-certified. Our first requirement is that products must work, and our second requirement is that the products must be ECO-certified. In some cases (e.g. hair dye and nail polish), technology has not developed enough for an effective product to be ECO-certified. In that case, we choose a product and/or brand that works and is the cleanest/greenest in the industry. An example: organic nail polish (unfortunately) does not last long – often, it chips within a day. That is unacceptable for us. So we went looking for a product that will last as long as the ‘regular nail polishes’ but that is a lot cleaner… and we found it in the brands Boho, Glossworks and Benecos. Many of their products are also vegan, and all our products have not been tested on animals.

Wholesaler distributor of natural and organic cosmetics, one stop shop.

We will be honest: our goal is to welcome and keep you as a customer! We want you to stay with us because you want to, not because we want you to. We strive to have such a balanced range of brands, to provide such good advice and service that you are not tempted to shop elsewhere. We hope to succeed in that again and again.

We have big plans. We don’t hide that fact. We are proud to be among the top in ECO-cosmetics-land. But we dream of more. We are already looking to compete with wholesalers of regular cosmetics. And we are aiming for that scope, that scale and those customers, but then combined with our philosophy. Today, the market for ECO-cosmetics is seen as a niche market, but we sincerely believe that, sooner or later, this will change. Correction: you and Yaviva are going to change that. We are open to great plans, unique experiments and crazy ideas… as long as we do it together!

Do you have a question? 0031 (0)72-533 2107 (8:30 – 11:00 AM) or info@yaviva.nl
Yaviva, wholesaler distributor of natural and organic cosmetics

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Who is the entrepreneur here?

who is the entrepreneur here?
who is the entrepreneur here?
who is the entrepreneur here?


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